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The United States now rank 25th in the world in Math according to USA Today. X-Bandz is a teaching aid that will enable your child to master the multiplication facts and division facts quickly and easily. Teachers have called X-Bandz for Math “…a fun and unique learning method for young students” X-Bandz are today’s flash cards. Multiplication (symbol “X”) is the mathematical operation of scaling one number by another. It is one of the four basic operations in elementary arithmetic (the others being addition, subtraction and division). Math is important because it is the most widely used subject in the world. Every career uses math. Drill and practice is the best way to learn multiplication and division facts. X-Bandz is the fastest and easiest method to learn and remember the multiplication and division facts, X-bandz are GUARANTEED!

How will I be able to measure my child’s progress using X-Bandz?
Your child’s self-esteem and confidence about math, along with attitude towards math concepts, home work and school, will be the first measurable improvements.

1. X-Bandz is proven successful in learning multiplication facts
2. X-Bandz will Increase confidence and self-esteem in Math.
3. X-Bandz is guaranteed to succeed!

X-Bandz was developed by Kiddzatwork LLC. X-Bandz made for kids, made by kids, we guarantee X-Bandz will help any child get smarter and make any parent wiser for choosing our product. Parents, Schools, PTA’s, kids and educator’s are using X-Bandz as a teaching tool.

“Reading is Fundamental but Math is Essential”

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