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What Kids Are Saying About X-Bandz

“You can’t make math any easier.”
Kathy, 4th grader
“It should be called Bandzatic!”
Elizabeth, 3rd grader
“I never thought I could do math. Now I know better and I am more
Elizabeth, 3rd grader

What Parents and Teachers Are Saying About X-Bandz

“This approach completely changed how I think about math.”
Steve, Parent & teacher.
“She thinks math is more fun and enjoys going to Math class. She is more confident, more interested in math homework.”
Sanjay Parent
“He is really excited to come to math class now that he knows his Multiplication facts!”
Nancy School Teacher
“My daughter absolutely loves X-Bandz”
Parent Cindy
“I just received her report card and my daughter went from a C in Math to an A.”
Parent Jennifer
“Last week the 4th grade had a math test. Jenny made 91% and had the 4th best grade in her class of about 25 students.”
Parent Debbie.

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